Oranges and Lemons a Double Punch Card.

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This is my double punch card using the teacup from the Tea Shoppe Stamp Set and the Mixed Bunch Stamp Set and Blossom Punch. Orange and Yellow are way out of my comfort zone but I really like how this turned out.

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To make a double punch card you hold both card ends together and punch just half the flower.
You put a full punched image on the inside of the card showing through the punched shape.

June and July have been unseasonally wet this year. So I decided I needed a pair of gumboots for the garden. After all our garden is home to whip snakes, metre long water dragons, Blue-tongue lizards, scorpions (yes, we found one floating in the pool!), spiders etc. etc. So a pair of gumboots seemed like a good idea to me.

See the old stockings on top?  That is to keep the creepy crawly's out when I am not wearing them. I think they will all run a mile when they see these coming towards them, don't you! hehe.
Come and visit my table next time. I might even have a cup of tea for you.


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