Scary Lizard Story!

So my husband went to see why the pool pump had stopped and found this with it's leg caught inside the pump!

Lucky the boys had their mate Joel sleeping over. Crocodile Dundee Joel came out and grabbed him around the neck, released his foot and then placed him on a tree. What a Legend!

He is an Eastern Waterdragon. Common for the Brisbane area. But a very big one! At least a metre long. I am not holding the tape measure out to get the exact length though. haha!
He likes to scare me to death when I am walking down to the compost bin by popping up in the garden unexpectedly. He has also come right up to the screen door, wanting to come inside and perched on the kitchen window sill looking in, which freaks me out!
 I have read they are very curious animals and don't mind humans. I don't share his feelings though and wish he would just stay in his home behind the pool and not go wandering about and sunning himself on my lawn. Eek!

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