Action Packed.

Today's card is "action packed" not just because of the clever designer paper pattern on the front (idea from Laura Lipe).

(click on photo to enlarge)
You cut two pieces of pattern paper mine are 7.5cm x 10cm and matt them on cardstock (mine is white) 8cm x 10.5cm. Place these two pieces on the front of your card so they over hang the edges.  Green piece under the Happy Birthday sign and the Grey piece under the Wish Big Hand. Trim to size of card. Use the left over pieces to fill in the gaps. So simple but so effective!


but.. because when you open the card....
You see...
(click on photo to enlarge)
and it spins to reveal...
How cool is that?! Saw this technique explained by Sonia Sellers.

I have a cool CD holder tutorial on the table too. Will show you that next time.


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