Elf on the Shelf Box

Well not quite an Elf on the Shelf,  but the dangly legs on this box remind me of him. And it is so much fun to place on the edge of a shelf.

I saw this great idea on the web. Oh I do feel bad too, because I always like to give credit for great ideas I see. But you know what? I tried, really tried to find where I saw this idea originally, and spent a considerable amount of time looking everywhere and to no avail! sigh. So apologies to the clever person who came up with this. They are so very sweet...and best of all easy to make!

I thought it would be great to pop my elf tic tacs inside with a Mint Pattie and maybe some Peppermint Tea. Elves and Peppermint seem to go together don't they???

The box was super easy. I decided on the size myself. The front of the box is 8cm square and the sides are 4cm deep.
12 cm x 26cm
Score at 4cm, 12cm, 16cm, 24cm
Turn and score at 8cm.
Cut up score lines to 8 cm mark. Cut end piece off.
Fold and stick together.

For the braces, cut two strips 1.5 cm wide. You can make them as short or long as you like. Mine were about 24cm. I just glued them on the inside of the boxes after drawing my lines on with the Chalk Marker.

Other things you may like to know.
You can decorate the front and back with patterned paper if you like - I used Merry Moments dsp.

The red triangles are from the triangle punch. The scallop white collar is from the Square scallop punch cut in half. (both retired)

The buckle is from the square punch with the 3/4" circle punch cut out of it. Then just a small strip glued across where the circle was punched out.

Legs are wide red grosgrain ribbon, You just glue the ribbon under the last flap of the bottom of the box.(Make sure the legs are coming out the front of the box -not the back! haha.- ultra- important!)

Shoes are the Extra large oval punch and then I turned the punch on an angle and punched out the top of the oval to get my shoe shape.

Hope this all makes some sense to you?
Off to do some last minute shopping for Christmas. Only a few days left and so much to do!
Come back tomorrow for another Christmas Post. Vx