For Mum

My dear old Mum isn't into creative crafty pursuits at all.  So, I was very surprised that for Christmas she must have ventured into the craft aisle at Woolies. I got some handmade paper and some sticker embellishments from her. Not my usual go to products. But I felt I needed to use them. So I have sat down and created eight cards which I am going to give to her to use as she can't always get out to the shops so much anymore. I hope she likes them.
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I tried to keep them fairly simple and used some punches and extra stickers to finish off the cards with.
I think she will like the owl cards the best as she always like funny cards.
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And while these are non-SU cards the best thing is I have reduced some of my ever growing stash by making them (not that you would really notice! LOL! But hey, you have to start somewhere, right?)
Hope you can all make some headway into your stash this year too. Maybe a set of simple cards for a family member or friend as a gift? Like I have done.
Happy Stamping.


  1. Funny you should mention delving into your stash to use some. I've just done the exact same thing for my niece's card. Makes you feel a bit better about all we spend on products.


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