Little Photobook Instructions

Hello everyone.
As promised I have a few details for you on making your own little photobook, like the ones I showed in the last blog post.
My photobook measurements were 14cm x 28cm, scored in half, for the the insert pages. (14cm x 14cm pages)
And the outside cover was 14cm x 29cm. This one is scored at 14cm and then at 15cm to give me a 1cm spine in the centre.
Measure the spine of your photobook before you make your cover in case you need to adjust the size of the spine. i.e. more pages will mean a wider spine and less may mean you can make it slightly narrower.

1. Start first with the size you want to make your photobook. I use the size of the photos I am putting in to determine that. The biggest photos I had (once cropped) were 13cm x 10cm. So that is why I went with the 14cm size for my previous photobooks.

For this example I have used different coloured cardstock so you can see what I am doing.
I have 10cm x 20cm pieces of cardstock. Scored in half to give me a 10cm x 10cm square page.

2.Glue page one to page 2 as shown.

3. Then Glue the next two pages. Continue on for as many pages as you need.

4. Here is a back view to show you all the pages joined together.
    This is a good time to measure that back spine to check how wide you need your scoring to be on the front cover.

 4. Here is my cover. I have measured and scored at 10cm then again at 11cm to give a 1 cm spine for my book. The full measurement of my outside cover is 10cm x 21cm.
 5. Now glue the front page to the inside of your cover and the back page to the other side as shown.
Do not glue the spine

And your photobook is ready to be decorated!

I hope you found this mini tutorial helpful and it will inspire you to make some of your own.
Let me know if you do.
Be sure to come back next week. I have some interested class cards to show you.


  1. Thank you for the instructions to your photo book project. What a clever idea! You can make them all sorts of sizes or shapes this way, I feel sure. Must try soon!

  2. You are one clever lady Vicki, thanks for sharing this, look forward to making one soon.

  3. Vicki, thanks for the instructions, I must have a go soon

    Bev x


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