Exploding Butterflies!!!

Well I bet that title has you wondering! hehe.
I promised more photos from Convention and today I want to show you the early birthday gifts I received from my friend the Delicious Deb Blake from Darwin. Here she is.

This extremely talented lady made me not one but TWO gifts.
Come and have a look.
(click on photo to enlarge)
 This is the beautiful box she made.
 A closer look at the top.
 Then we start to open it and the sides fall away.
(click on photo to enlarge)
An exploding box of BUTTERFLIES!!!
How amazing is that!
A close up of all those beautiful butterflies floating around in layered circles.
But that's not all she gave me!
Oh No... she also made me this...

Isn't this wonderful!
A close up of this gorgeous glittery butterfly.
And look at the layers of Vellum (all stamped as well) underneath.
And all these butterflies hand cut too!
So this of course has created huge problems for me.
Why? I hear you ask.
Because her birthday is only in a few weeks time! Oh dear Oh dear.(wringing hands).

And one more photo today from Convention. This is Memento Mall where we get to do some special Stampin Up shopping. Can you see that long long line of demonstrators waiting to be served at the checkouts? Well I am standing taking this photo at the very END of this line!!!! yep! I was one of the last. (too busy talking and meeting people. haha.). Lucky it moved fairly quickly.

Tomorrow is my Birthday. hip hip hooray to me.
Come back and see what I get for my birthday won't you?

If you love that big butterfly stamp it is in the Mini Seasonal Catalogue which finishes at the end of June. If you would like to order it please let me know.


  1. That exploding Butterfly box from Deb is amazing but I think the Framed Butterfly is even better. Happy Birthday, have a very happy day, Vicki. All the best to you, Carolyn xx

  2. WOW WOW WOW. Your friend is amazing!

    Hope you have a great birthday

    Bev x


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