Oh Christmas Tree... Oh Christmas Tree...

Today I want to show you a nifty little fold to make a cute christmas tree.
Here is the card we made in class.
And here is a closer look at the tree.

It is really simple to make.
You only need three different size scallop circles. Designer Paper is good for folding. I have used Good Cheer Designer Paper from the Main Catalogue.
Firstly fold your scallop circle down about 2/3  to 3/4 's of the way. Like this.

Then fold in half from right to left.

Then open back out and fold the corners down the centre folded line like so. I hope you can see that in the photo?
This is what it should look like with both sides folded down together.
Now you go ahead and make two more. You can join them together by slipping the top point of each one into the pocket of the other.
When you have done all three. Wrap some bakers twine loosely around and use diamantes on the front.
Don't forget to add a tree trunk at the bottom if you like.
If the diamantes aren't sticking well just use a small glue dot on some to hold down.

If you enjoyed the tutorial or have questions please feel free to leave a comment.


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