Easter treat containers

For those in a hurry...
I maintain that while a container can be cute and appealing it is probably going to be ripped open and thrown away at some point so while I want my little gift to be appealing I also want it to be super quick and easy to put together.

Hence, that great standby the good ol' sour cream container. 
Super easy to make.
Uses up some of my over abundance of designer series paper (and who doesn't love that idea!),
and requires very little in the way of decorating.
Plonk a butterfly or flower or a happy easter greeting on it and you are done.

Or you can upscale with little effort to a carrot as I have.

If you don't own a punch(I used the retired Modern Label),
just three strips of green cardstock 1.5cm x 6cm stapled together with a little greeting over the staple to hide it.
And a flower or butterfly in the middle if you like. (I love using these because I usually have a box of them lying around from other projects and any excuse to use one is good in my books.)

Or you can even go all out and make a cute bunny with just a few ovals and circles
 (punches or framelits) .

I have used stitched framelits for the ears and feet, 1/2 inch circle punch for the cheeks, small heart for the nose and small circle from the owl builder punch for the eyes and mouth.

I have used A Little Foxy Designer Series Paper Stack from the Main Catalogue p.174.
Paper stacks are perfect for this project as you don't need to cut the paper down to size.
Otherwise 15cm x 15cm or thereabouts is a good starting size for your larger designer paper pieces.

On the back side of the paper place some TearNTape along one complete edge.
Cut two more pieces 3-4cm in length.
Place one about 1cm from the Tear n Tape at right angles as shown
and the other piece on the opposite side in the centre.
(Note: I don't measure any of this - just approximates is fine)

 Peel off the long piece of Tape first and attach to the opposite side to make a tube/cylinder shape.

Look for the Tape inside on one end. Have it facing you and push ends together.
Now fill your container.
Repeat process at the other end.
You should have both ends pointing in opposite directions. i.e. when one is sitting flat the other is pointing up.

I have a short video on this container on my Facebook Business Page that you are welcome to visit.
Same name as my blog. Cardsonthetablewithvicki. 

Thanks for hopping by. (play on words there hehe). and Happy Easter
have a great day. Vx