Detailed Floral Thinlets box

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As promised I have some measurements and photos for you on how to make the Detailed Floral Thinlets Box from my previous post. Here.


Cardstock: Cucumber Crush and Peekaboo Peach.
Measurements: 26cm x 15cm.
Score - on the 15cm side at 6cm - this will be your base.
Score - on the 26cm side at 1cm, 7cm, 13cm, 19cm, 25cm -

Place your thinlet in the centre of the 7cm and then the 19cm score line and cut out as shown below.

(click on photo to enlarge)

Fold up all the score lines and cut as shown. (Sorry I just realised I didn't put in the picture above to cut the score lines to the 6cm line (on the Base) but you can see in the photo below what I did.

Fold the whole piece in half at the 13cm (middle) score line.
Put Tear and Tape adhesive onto the two ends.
One piece on the outside and the other side put it on the inside as below.

 Fold the top piece that has the Tear and Tape on the Outside under.
 It should now look like this.
 Fold the outside piece over and attach.

Now you have the box shape it is time to fold all the four base pieces together and glue each one down.

 Time for a lid.
The lid is 9cm x 9cm
Scored at 1.4cm on each side.
Cut as shown and glue side pieces.
 Oh yes, I added some colour to the inside on the box this time.
with an insert of Peekaboo Peach.
The insert is 8.5cm x 24cm
Because the insert needs to be just a few millimetres smaller than the outside of the box I worked it on 5.7cm between each score/fold - therefore the measurements below might appear a bit odd but they worked for me.
scored at 5.7cm, 11.4cm, 17.1cm, 22.8cm
A Tip: for placing the insert inside your box. Fold in one corner to make a triangle - slip inside and open out to the square shape.

Then for the decoration of the lid, using Grateful Bunch Stampset and Blossom Bunch Punch.

Of course I didn't stop there...I had to go and make a card to match...
pop back again next time and I will show you what I did with a double Z fold card.

Thanks for stopping by. Vx