Scrappy Day Happy Cards.

Like most crafters I tend to collect all my small scraps and bits and pieces.
I have a basket on my desk where I collect dsp and cardstock pieces.
I have a container for embossed pieces and cut outs.
And I have a container with miscellaneous.
So my challenge to myself is to try and use some of these up!!!
I am pleased to say that when I sat to make a card for a friend today I was able to rise to that challenge.
Come and see what I managed to do.
(click on photo to enlarge)
I think it turned out very well and I hope my friend liked it too.
And it was all done without having to cut into a new piece of cardstock! That must be helping the environment? Right?
Here's a closeup just so I can admire my work again. LOL!
Maybe you can use some of your scraps too and make a "Happy" card for someone you know. After all who doesn't like receiving some Happy Mail in the post from time to time.

And while I was in the zone I made a birthday card for another friend from things on my craft table.
(click on photo to enlarge)
See I have that Oh Hello Stamp Set still going on! Yes that was a scrap! You see why I can't possibly throw it away don't you??
My friend really loved the satin pleated pink ribbon so I used some I had still lurking in the cupboard on the card and the rest I wrapped up as gift for her.

I hope she likes it.

I hope you can come back again soon.
I love hearing from you so be sure to leave a comment.


  1. How clever and pretty these cards are! I love those sort of challenges - use up what is in your discard pile. My pile is enormous and needs reducing somehow. I do punch shapes from scraps sometimes and keep them in bags so I am all ready with shapes for cards. You cards turned out very cute :)

  2. Lovely Vicki, it feels good to use up something out of the extra bits box. I seem to have several of those taking up space on my desk.


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