Always thinking of you....So many cards and what to do with them.

Greetings Happy Stampers! It feels like a "Yellow" kinda day today! LOL.
I was really going to show you something else today but fell behind and it isn't finished so instead I will show you a a card I put together using up some scraps on the craft table.
I had the Daffodil Yellow base and a Crushed Curry yellow flower from Secret Garden Stamp set, lying around on my craft table.
Black and white always look good with yellow don't you think? The card yellow looks a bit dark in the photo but you will have to just believe me that it is Daffodil Yellow.

(click on photo to enlarge)

I pulled out my Modern Medley designer paper and cut some banners with my Banner Framelits.
They looked balanced against a piece of black card stock.

I really liked the greeting "always thinking of you" from Express Yourself Hostess Stamp Set, but try as I might, I couldn't get it to fit anywhere on the card. It just didn't look right no matter where I placed it! (do you ever have that problem with a greeting??? or is it just me? haha.)

So after a lot of trying it here... trying it there...I suddenly had a brain wave!!... cut it up!
I love how the "always" sits tucked under the flower just on the edge of the border and the "thinking of you" bit sits just below.

The flower is matted with Modern Medley dsp, daffodil yellow and white card stock.
I placed a gold glimmer brad in the top corner and added some dazzling diamonds with my two way glue pen to the flower for some sparkle.

This was a great way to use up some scraps on the craft table. You might like to use this Card design to use up some of yours too. Or maybe create something entirely different, either way using up some of our Stash is always good. Right?

A little while ago I did a BIG clean out of my Craft Room.
Ahhh doesn't that look clean and tidy!
In the clean up I did, I found I had boxes (note the plural) of unused cards!!
So I was struck with a dilemma. I couldn't keep storing them forever! I had to find a way to use them?
So I put on my thinking-cap and came up with a few ideas.
Would like to see them?

What to do with left-over cards.

Do you have left-over cards lying around in boxes? (that was me!)
Here are a few ideas for you to help make room for all your new creations.

1/  Send someone a "hug" through the mail.
I know we live in a Computer Age, and we can be in constant contact with people, no matter where they live or how often we may see them.
But I love receiving cards in the mail! Just to say... Hello, I am thinking of you, You are a special friend, Thank you for your kindness.
It is like reaching out and giving someone a real-life hug. A card can stay with you sitting on the kitchen bench or work desk and is a constant reminder that you are being thought of.

Don't have any friends you want to hug? lol.
No problem. Did you know that there are organisations and individuals out there asking for handmade cards?

2/  How about donating some of your left over ones to a worthy cause?
My friend Karen Cumming collects them to send to the Australian Troops overseas.
Here is a link to her website. Click HERE

3/ You could donate some to your local hospital or Ronald McDonald House.
People in long term hospital care and their families are often stuck especially for Thank you cards. I remember scrambling to find some Thank you cards to give to the Doctors and Nurses while taking care of my son after his Open Heart Surgery.

4/ The Local Nursing Home or even some elderly neighbours, family or friends who maybe struggle to get out as much as they used to.

5/ What about a gift package of cards to your family or friends. Include the envelopes and maybe some stamps and it is a well appreciated gift. So handy to have a card or two on standby in the cupboard.

I hope you don't mind me giving you a few ideas if you are stuck with what to do with your left-over cards.
Have a good weekend! See you next week. Vx


  1. Vicki, I'm not a huge fan of yellow but I definitely agree with your colour scheme. Always looks good with black and a fantastic use of your scraps. x

  2. Wow, that's a SCRAP card?? It's lovely. I think the idea of cutting up the sentiment was brilliant. It seems I can never have enough sentiment stamps as I always want something that says what I DON'T have. Lol! Thanks for the tips about what to do with spare cards, too.


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