Pop Up Accordion/Concertina Card

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Have you heard of the Pop Up Accordion Card? or Pop Up Concertina Card?
I really don't know what the correct name is...it could be called either. LOL.

It is a square card with 4 concertina pieces that pop up when pulled by the ribbon attached in the centre.

I have done a bit of a photo tutorial for you. It is quite long and I haven't photographed every single thing so I hope you can still follow it.

 Pop up Accordian Card

(for the base of the card)
14cm x 14cm Base Card
13.5cm x 13.5cm Matt Card
13cm x 13cm Pattern Paper

(for the accordion pieces)
4 pieces of cardstock
4.5cm x 27cm
Scored at 4.5cm, 9cm, 13.5cm, 18cm, 22.5cm

(for the decoration of accordion pieces)
20 pieces of card or pattern paper
4cm x 4cm

(for the crossbar at top to hold together)
2 pieces of card 
1.5cm x 12cm
2 x 1 inch circles
1 piece of ribbon 12cm 

The base pieces:
Approximate centre of each side and join together to make a cross as shown.

Glue patterned piece 13cm x 13cm to the Matt 13.5cm x 13.5cm with the pencil mark on the back.

Don't attach your bottom 14cm x 14cm yet. This will be the last thing you do.
4 pieces of cardstock
4.5cm x 27cm
Scored at 4.5cm, 9cm, 13.5cm, 18cm, 22.5cm
You will decorate 5 of the six squares. Keep the bottom one empty of decoration as this will be glued underneath.

For decorating these four pieces:
20 pieces of card or pattern paper
4cm x 4cm
(these pieces can be stamped or embossed or pattern paper)
Use these to decorate your 5 squares on each of the 4 pieces.

Glue down on each side centred in the middle of pencil line you drew.
Make sure the decorated side is facing outwards. It needs to be facing towards you when you are gluing down your pieces. 
 Once you have attached all four pieces turn over to other side and fold up your score lines in a concertina, So they are all folded down towards your centre.

 For the Cross bar that will hold the concertina pieces together:
2 pieces of card 
1.5cm x 12cm
2 x 1 inch circles
Ribbon 12cm

 Glue the 1.5cm x 12cm pieces together to make a crossbar.
Place a circle on the top.
Punch a hole. (with hole punch or cropadile)
Fold ribbon in half and hread through to make a loop on top. Trim down the ends on other side to about 1cm.
Place other circle underneath to secure ribbon.
I used some adhesive tape on my circle to secure to ribbon and base.

 Line crossbar up under the top squares and mark a line with a pencil
As shown.
Now place a bit of adhesive  on crossbars  and glue down under top pieces using your pencil lines to line up the cross bar
Another view to show you pencil marks and how it all is attached.
I have threaded a daisy through the ribbon for a decoration on top.
 Just two daisies punched and stuck together and punch a hole in middle, then thread through ribbon.

Once this is done you can attach you base card to the bottom and you are finished.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and it helps you to make one of your own. It isn't really very hard  but does have a lot of pieces to it.
Have a great week. See you next time. Vx

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